Bentley and Ashley Bentley and Ashley

If you thought The Bachelorette has had its share of bad boys in Wes Hayden or Justin Rego, well, they don't even compare to this season's Bentley.

"Bentley is beyond disrespectful," host Chris Harrison tells And while Ashley hasn't seen that in him just yet, next week's episode will devastate her, Harrison adds.

I have nothing to say other than the word, Bentley. 
Chris Harrison:
I want to start off by defending Ashley and let people know that A) she was infatuated, and B) she wasn't privy to everything. She didn't see or hear Bentley say, "Yeah I'll let her tickle my pickle," the really derogatory stuff. In that same vein, did she have enough information? Yes. It was just so weird how infatuated she was with him from the moment he got out of the limo. It was like she was going to change the bad boy or prove to us that he's not the bad guy we all thought he was.

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: I begged Ashley to cut Bentley

Did you or producers ever step in and fill her in on his behavior? 
Harrison: There were a lot of conversations in front of the camera and behind the scenes with me and producers that normally don't take place, but they did this time with Ashley concerning Bentley. With every turn she defended him and kept him on the show.

Is he worse than Wes was on Jillian's season or Justin on Ali's season?
Why this is different from Ali and Justin Rego is because I gave her essentially the same information that this guy has a girlfriend and Ali said, "I want to kick his ass off the show." I gave Ashley not only the same information, but more, and before the guy even got out of the limo! She never had to meet the guy. I hate to defend Wes but with him, he's a character and Jillian knows he's a character. Is he a character you want dating your daughter or sister? No, he's not, but is he respectful to women and does he love women? Yes. Bentley is beyond disrespectful, rude and crosses all lines of decency.

How's Ashley feeling about everything?
Harrison: I talked to Ashley the other night and she's upset and feels like a fool. But we've all been there, we've been duped by a girlfriend or boyfriend or treated like crap and ... we can all put ourselves in Ashley's shoes where you wanted to believe in someone and they absolutely pulled the rug out from under you.

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I asked you last week and I'll ask you again: Why did she give Jeff and his mask a rose?
Harrison: I'm with America on this one. I don't know why he's still around or why he still has a mask on. So I'm going to chalk this one up to: I don't know.

What will people be talking about after next week's episode other than Bentley?
Harrison: No one will be talking about anyone else ... I'll go ahead and tell you he's leaving the show and it crushes her. She was so devastated that there was a time where we thought we were going to shut down the show and production was going to stop. The only good thing is that it happens early enough that it doesn't taint the show.

Will he be back for the Men Tell All?
Ashley was like, "There's no way in hell he's coming to the Men Tell All," but I hope he does because that's my chance and my turf. I'd like to have a few words and make him explain himself.