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It's been months since The Bachelor finished filming, but the eliminated women wasted no time in rehashing — and battling about — this past season on the Women Tell All episode. We checked in with host Chris Harrison, who shared his thoughts on Courtney's tearful apology, why Blakeley got off easy, and how viewers will see a very different Ben Flajnik on next week's After the Final Rose special.

That was one crazy Women Tell All!
Chris Harrison: It was one of the craziest and intense! Usually it's a slow boil and everyone says, "We're all past this," but it definitely wasn't the case this time. Everyone was ready to go and ready to talk [and Samantha] fed the fire and got people going.

The women turn on each other on Bachelor: The Morning After

Did you expect Blakeley to get so much heat?
Blakeley came in, pissed everyone off, shoved her boobs in Ben's face, rubbed everyone's nose in it and admitted, "I'm not here for you; I'm here for Ben." People forgot [she was an outcast] because Courtney took her place.

Do you think the girls were quicker to forgive Blakeley than Courtney?
When I asked that, the girls got livid at me and said, "She's not the same; she apologized, but [she didn't] before she left." Yes, Courtney was way out of line and there was no justifying the way she acted, but it's funny that Blakeley was a part of this mad pack that went after Courtney and 30 minutes earlier it was her. 

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So do you buy Courtney's apology?
I learned something about Courtney at Women Tell All. This sounds weird because she's a model, but she's extremely uncomfortable in front of the camera. She doesn't know how to act, she doesn't know how to hold herself and the only time I really saw [her act] disappear was at the end when the girls really attacked her — and it wasn't as bad on TV as it was in the studio. All of the sudden you see this cover come off this person and it's this little girl cowering and crying and very vulnerable. Again, that's not justifying an ounce of what happened, but for the first time, I saw a real person. I'm interested to see the court of public opinion today, and if she made a dent in rehabbing her image at all.  

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What did you think about Emily's hot-seat interview?
If anyone came out of the Women Tell All looking better than ever, it was Emily. It was great to see how much she learned and that she said, "There were a million red flags I should've seen. He never stood up for me, he never fought for me, it was always for Courtney." She's a very bright woman and I think she probably would've been Final 2 had she not chosen the one adversary she took on: Courtney. She had everything he was looking for, except she was picking on his girlfriend.

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How is Ben feeling with the finale coming up?
All of this has gotten to him and I think it's slapped him upside the head in a good way. It's been horrible and I feel sorry for that, but I think you'll see a different guy next week at After the Final Rose. You'll see a little less bravado and cavalier attitude and more of the really sincere and true Ben we got to know and love.

And what can you tease about the finale and After the Final Rose?
Between the finale and After the Final, it's going to be very different than any of the tabloids and fans think. All I will say is, let's sit back, take it all in, maybe take a night to sleep on it and then let's go to Twitter and go to town.

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