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The Bachelor's Juan Pablo is done making out — or at least that's what he's telling some of the women.

On Monday's episode, Juan Pablo and his ladies headed to South Korea, where he caused quite the stir on the group date. After kissing a handful of women thus far, the single dad decided that he shouldn't be so "romantic" and shot down Lauren S. when she went in for a kiss.

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In this week's chat with host Chris Harrison, he reveals that this won't be the first time Juan Pablo changes the rules on the women. Plus: Which girl has him wondering how she's still on the show? 

We haven't spoken since Juan Pablo made some controversial comments. What are your thoughts on it?
Chris Harrison: 
I was disappointed by his remarks, and he definitely doesn't speak on my behalf and it doesn't represent my beliefs or feelings. But I know him well enough to know that I believe [his apology].

Moving on to the episode, was the K-pop date just madness?
It was like controlled awesome chaos. It was really just super cool and everyone was so jazzed, but it was massive. The episode didn't quite show the size and the scope of the insanity there. It was in one of those three-story mall atriums, and [in] every floor and every opening, there were people.  

The girls were a little catty during the night portion of the date and Nikki seems to be the one targeted right now.
I think it's a question of who the front-runner is. Inevitably, the front-runner is the one with the target on her back — she's getting the attention, she's beautiful, and so it's the way it always is.

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Juan Pablo decided he wasn't really going to kiss the girls anymore, which caused Lauren S. to break down when she went in for it. Was that an excuse or is he really reevaluating how he looks on TV?
Honestly, he sends mixed messages to the girls and they find it very confusing. This isn't a language barrier; this is a Juan Pablo barrier. He does things like this throughout the season that really make you scratch your head. It's like, "You're going to make a stand now?" It's closing the barn door after the horses are already out. Why now, after making out with the others, do you decide it's enough? So he's changing the rules in the middle of the game. But this won't be the last time Juan Pablo reinvents his rules and the women will be left scratching their heads wondering where they stand. There's a situation that's going to arise [next episode] that will epitomize this. 

Sharleen was open about her experience with dating someone with kids. Were you surprised she still got the rose?
As much of an enigma that Juan Pablo can be at times, she is more so in a fascinating way. How is she still on the show? He's so captivated by her, but she all but turned down the first rose — you watch their one-on-one time and it's really awkward. I think everyone on social media agreed the first kiss was just bizarre. I think it might be you want what you can't have, and she's an unattainable, worldly woman he has to chase, whereas with the other ones it's happening maybe too easily. But you see him with Nikki, Clare or even Andi, and it seems so natural. And you see him with Sharleen and it's like, "What?"

What did you think of this week's episode?

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