Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Emily Maynard and Brad Womack

Although The Bachelor finale ended with a proposal, viewers later saw that life after reality show romance isn't all roses. Brad and Emily remain together, but with neither ready to move from where they call home. Says host Chris Harrison: "It will be tough." But Harrison is also optimistic and tells TVGuide.com: "They're both two of the most stubborn human beings I've ever met [and] they both want it to work."

Why are Brad and Emily choosing to keep quiet today?
Chris Harrison: They said everything last night ... so they're like, "We're done. We don't have anything else to say." They're in a really good place and want to work on that. ... The After the Final Rose was unlike any show we've ever done. In the past it might've been about some drama, but last night it was all about helping them.

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It was almost like a Bachelor intervention.
It really was. The whole thing was designed to help them, get the information out because they would've been hounded, but then try and fix it — which they both want to do. Having past couples was something we came up with ... We said let's go a step further and bring back the ones who have gone through this, especially Jason and Molly. Jason's really walked in his shoes before, and it was fun to sit back and talk to these guys.

Emily was certainly a sparkplug last night.
Harrison: Brad always says "sweet Emily" with a joke because she's a pistol. She's a strong little Southern woman. And if you know Southern women, they're sweet up until the time they're not.

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Did you ever have any doubt Brad would choose Emily?
It easily could've been Chantal. They really went well together ... Many of us thought it would be her. Every Bachelor or Bachelorette has to go back and say, "You were the one, baby, from the moment I saw you," but that's so they don't get their a-- kicked at home. That's revisionist history. He was smitten with Emily from Night 1 and it turned out to be beautiful, but there were a lot of other relationships doing well. Even he and Ashley had an amazing relationship from the first date until Anguilla.

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So do you think they'll work out?
I do, only because of their resolve and they're both two of the most stubborn human beings I've ever met. They both want it to work. I think it'll be slow-going and I know they are so excited, especially Emily. She's giddy for today so ready for this day for it in a sense to be over, and start living now.

What's your best advice for them?
This is tough, because Emily has a child, but if they stay separated in Austin and North Carolina it's going to be really tough. She doesn't want to uproot her life and daughter for something she's not positive about. And, having kids, I totally understand. He has all of his life and his businesses and everything that keeps him going in Austin, so it's going to be hard for him to up and move.

Ashley Hebert named the next Bachelorette

Are you happy that Ashley H was named Bachelorette?
She was one of my favorites from the beginning. She's dynamic, she's a strong professional woman ... She's very smart and eloquent; it's going to be an easy show to host.

She just has to admit when she's in love this time.
Harrison: She will give it up. I told her this season that's our theme: no regrets and no rules.

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