Jim Caviezel wants to return to the days when Rhett carried Scarlett upstairs, the music intensified — and the rest was left up to your imagination. Though it might seem risky for an up-and-comer to start a moral crusade in Hollywood, the devout Roman Catholic co-star of High Crimes won't budge when it comes to gratuitous sex. He even gave director Carl Franklin an ultimatum to tone down a love scene between him and Ashley Judd.

"I told Carl, 'It's no problem, I don't have to do this movie. Go ahead and find someone else,'" the actor boldly proclaims. "I'd just finished six months of filming The Count of Monte Cristo, so I didn't need it. But we talked it out and it worked."

The result is a short glimpse of (gosh!) a fully-clothed, married couple procreating. "I see our culture as not respecting people too much, treating people like objects," he explains. "There are times where [sex] is appropriate, but I've yet to see butts and breasts act themselves out of a scene!"

Reports from the sets of Monte Cristo and Angel Eyes are consistent with his conviction. Word is, he asked Monte Cristo's lovely Dagmara Dominczyk to wear pasties when they had to film shirtless!

Caviezel, who is married to a high-school English teacher, doesn't worry that his conservatism could hurt him in this flesh-obsessed biz. "My acting stems from inside... from God, and that's the only way I can act," he says. "If I violate that, then I don't think I'd be around this business much longer."