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Oliver Queen's worst nightmare has come true on Arrow.

Although Oliver (Stephen Amell) believed his former friend-turned-dangerous enemy Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), aka Deathstroke, to be dead, he is very much alive. Slade is actually the mastermind behind the attempted creation of super soldiers in Starling City that has left Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) forever changed.

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"He's basically following through on a promise that he made Oliver back on the island," Bennett tells "Slade Wilson has a bone to pick with Oliver in regards to the death of Shado."

Not only is Slade still alive, but he's actually infiltrated the Queen mansion under the guise of being an ally to Moira (Susanna Thompson). "Coming into Oliver's home is a huge statement that everybody is at risk," Bennett says. "From the island, it was obvious that Slade wasn't a wealthy man. He was just a military guy. He's obviously gone to some lengths to accrue [enough] finances that he's shown up in the mansion and is an introduced friend of Moira, which means he's managed to come through society at the level that Moira Queen is used to associating with to the point where she's invited him into her house. There's been a lot of ground work. He's gone to great lengths to execute this revenge plot."

But knowing Slade Wilson is alive and going head-to-head with him are two entirely different situations since Slade practically taught Ollie everything he knows. "Oliver is coming face to face with his equal, if not his master," Bennett says. "Anything he has in his arsenal, Slade Wilson is very aware of. Looking into the history of Deathstroke and Slade Wilson in the comics, characters like Batman couldn't fight Deathstroke. Oliver knows very well that this is a man he might not be able to defeat even with his skills. He's going to be very careful of how he plays his cards with Slade because Slade is every bit the equal."

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Back on the island, we'll finally come closer to seeing the great divide between them as Oliver, Slade and Sara (Caity Lotz) attempt to make their way to the freighter — which will be both a blessing and a curse since Dr. Ivo (Dylan Neal) could reveal the truth about Shado's death to the temperamental Slade. "We've heard Oliver saying that he can't tell Slade because he's dangerous and volatile," Bennett says. "When this news is revealed, we've got a very complex situation because Slade is on the edge right now and needs a little bit of a push. Maybe the information regarding Shado is going to be the push that creates everything that's going on in Starling City."  

But with that truth comes the creation of Deathstroke! Are you excited to see how Deathstroke came to life? Hit the comments!

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