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No one on Arrow is more terrifying than Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). After five years stranded on an island, the so-called hero has returned to civilization a changed man. The once frivolous playboy is now a vengeful assassin with the morals of fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan and the eyes of a taxidermied wolf. This is supposed to be Starling City's savior?

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owes a huge part of its success to the unnerving nature of its hero. While watching, I feel at any moment Ollie could snap and kill someone — an enemy, a friend, a family member, even me! This slight discomfort with Oliver heightens the drama of watching and is my favorite part of the show. When I turn on Arrow I never know how I'll feel about Oliver's latest methods of crimefighting. The Hood makes me think, makes me worry (and makes me want to sleep with the lights on).

But unfortunately, we might be seeing the end of ol' Dead Eyes sometime soon. When Diggle (David Ramsey) agrees to join Ollie in his quest to save Starling City, he warns the hero: "You have no idea what [war] does to you. How it scrapes off little pieces of your soul. You need someone to remind you who you are, not this thing you're becoming."

It's easy to understand where Diggs is coming from, but still — c'mon! Arrow shouldn't take away the one aspect that separates it from the parade of comic book fodder currently in the media. So Ollie might be a soulless monster. Who cares? He gets the job done and he keeps viewers on our toes. Personally, I'm hoping Oliver never strays too far from the eerily detached murderer of my nightmares. What about you?

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