John Barrowman, Stephen Amell John Barrowman, Stephen Amell

Arrow surprised fans at Saturday's Comic-Con panel with a slew of scoop on the second season and a sneak peek that included a look at what's to come when Oliver (Stephen Amell) once again suits up.

The second season premiere, which will pick up five months after the earthquake, is titled "City of Heroes." "That's really what this season is about," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. "It's about Oliver becoming a hero. There's going to be a couple more heroes helping him out this season."

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The producers stressed that the title of the episode applies to many characters, not just Oliver, who will be faced with more difficulties in his personal life since his last name is now synonymous with mass murder. "Some people are in jail right now, so that's going to be difficult," Kreisberg said, noting that it will be a season of redemption for Moira (Susanna Thompson). But the younger Queen, Thea (Willa Holland), will be doing just fine since she's running Oliver's night club.

"It's five months later when we pick up, some people have worked through their stuff and some people haven't," Kreisberg continued. "The city really took it on the chin. As bad as Starling City was in Season 1, it's even worse in Season 2. This season is really about Oliver seeing that this city needs a hero and needs hope."

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As Oliver does everything in the name of the slain Tommy (Colin Donnell) this season, he may find help from Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), who is still desperate to find the vigilante. "Roy wants that to happen and in the comics, it happens," Haynes said of the possible partnership. "In a way, Season 2 can be like an island for Roy like it was for Oliver. Roy is going to have to go through the gamut of things and realize he isn't as big of a badass as he thinks he is." He'll also have to get in Oliver's good graces outside the hero world since he's still courting Thea.

As for those who aren't faring well following the earthquake, Detective Lance has been demoted. "He was caught by his superior making some questionable decisions by allying himself with the vigilante," Kreisberg said, noting that while Lance's life has changed, it might be good since he's in a better place emotionally.

Meanwhile, the producers plan to tell the origin story of the Black Canary, as they previously teased to But just because it isn't Laurel (Katie Cassidy) in the costume, that doesn't mean she's not on her way to becoming a hero in her own right. "As I've said before, Laurel has to go on her path and through her journey," Cassidy said. "I slowly think she's growing and evolving and she starts to kick some butt." Cassidy noted that Laurel will have already mourned the loss of Tommy, but she won't be ready for a relationship with Oliver just yet. (However, she does look like the second woman who was seen smooching with Ollie.)

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