The ApprenticeThe Trump Corporation's televised HR department gets under way for the fifth time as 18 new candidates go hunting for a job with the Donald. The action gets started with each team choosing sides in the time-honored school-yard style: picking the dorky fat kid last. As one regularly chosen last for kickball, I immediately find myself routing for Brent

. Sure, he's the first candidate in Apprentice history with a worse haircut than Trump, and he's not above pitching karaoke as a good idea, but is his team name (Killer Instinct) really any worse than Synergy or Gold Rush?

Anyway, tonight's battle of blimps to increase Sam's Club memberships finds perky Allie leading Synergy, while card-carrying genius Tarek takes the helm for Gold Rush. By the way, the only thing possibly more pretentious than being a member of Mensa is telling people you're a member of Mensa. Synergy's slim victory was enough to guarantee the team a lunch with the Donald, where they nodded like a gaggle of collectible bobbleheads while the big man explained that business success was less important than, you know, African suffering. Heady stuff.

Gold Rush fell apart, like, a nanosecond after losing the task. The boardroom was a classic. Summer gets a serious beat-down from Carolyn about not making cold calls, while young Lee announces he has no respect for Tarek, who threw Lenny the Russian under the boardroom bus for no good reason. Then, Summer gets the catchphrase after making a beginner's boardroom mistake never, ever interrupt the D while he's killing somebody else! Didn't she watch any of the last four seasons? Well, I did, and it looks like this one's off to a promising start.