The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Marcela is still 0-for-2 against Jim

as project manager, but the true showdown was between Marcela and the evil twosome of Ryan and Amanda. Rymanda's negativity left Marcela with only Leslie's support to create a retail space and sell the hot-beverage maker by Tassimo. Jim, with his rogue teammate Dawna, had nothing to fear this week 'cuz Rymanda did their best to tank Matchstick's chances. Did you catch that Jim had a rogue teammate? Now there's irony. Primarius scored a lucky win with the awesome reward of hanging out at Martha's crib in Maine and eating lobster sandwiches hand-prepared by Alexis. I had to laugh, though, when in the conference room Alexis chastised Rymanda for their lack of passion with her funereal delivery, "You guys were like dead the most morose, unhelpful-acting" and then she trailed off as if she herself had died mid-sentence. Fear not, Ms. Stewart is still alive, and, yes, her comments were dead-on. Ryan and Amanda played the "Lose and Blame" game instead of the "Win and Shine" game, but Martha's skill at recognizing bull is wondrous to watch. Ryan's smarmy willingness to share in the responsibility of the loss has him next in line to go, and Amanda effectively talked herself out of the competition. She admitted to not supporting Marcela and then dissed Martha. You just don't say that people "don't want to see someone that's professional and polished all the time that never makes mistakes" to Martha. It is tantamount to slapping her in the face. Way to go madam PR/marketing expert who's also an attorney. On the other hand, Marcela, fueled by Jim's pep talk (which threatens my dislike for him), won the day with her vision of the "Mexican Martha Stewart." Nice move. Martha's polished and professional "good riddance" letter went to Amanda this week. I'd say it was well earned. A final note: I can't believe NBC is not renewing this show it's great. Long live La Stewart!