Ongoing developments in the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith....

Larry Birkhead, one of the leading candidates in the paternity suit surrounding the late Anna Nicole Smith's surviving 5-month-old daughter, says that he tried to save Smith from the sort of drug use that felled her son last September and may have played a role in the bombshell's own demise, but was effectively shut out of her life. "I tried [to save her]. I watched over her to make sure she was safe, and once I was basically pushed to the side... I had no control over what she did," he tells the New York Daily News. Adds a source close to Birkhead, "He told [Smith], 'If you do not stop your lifestyle, now that you're pregnant with my baby, I will go for custody.' That's when she ran away." Birkhead was hoping for a reconciliation late last summer, says the source, but Smith instead moved to the Bahamas to await Dannielynn's arrival and put Howard K. Stern's name on the birth certificate, leaving Birkhead now "crushed" to see another man toting his child.

Speaking of which, among the other new beats in this story is admonishment that The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, perhaps in partnership with the New York Post, ponied up $1 million for Stern's exclusive interview, which began airing Monday evening. A spokesperson for the infotainment shows tells the Daily News that the talk is "absolutely not true," and attributes it to sour grapes from rivals.

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