Charlie's Angels star/producer Drew Barrymore — who's no doubt still celebrating the film's record $40 million opening this past weekend — says that there are two fashion accessories no self-respecting Angel would ever be caught dead wearing: earrings and skirts.

"I never wore earrings, because if you live the life where at a moment's notice you could be in a fight, [they] could really hurt getting ripped out of your ears," says Barrymore, who, in addition to co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, trained rigorously for the film's elaborate martial arts sequences. "And I never wore any skirts, because, who wants to fight in a skirt?"

Diaz admits that the wardrobe restrictions were occasionally frustrating. "There were a couple of times where you really wanted to wear a skirt," she admits, adding that footwear also proved a tricky issue. "There were times where the outfit would have looked so badass with stilettos — you wanted those four-inch heels.

"But you just couldn't do that," she continues, "because at the beginning of the scene it's fine, because I'm just hanging out with the dude, but the next thing you know you're kicking the dude's ass."

Practicality apparently wasn't an issue when the script called for Liu to scale the side of a mountain; the Ally McBeal actress did so wearing designer pumps. "I said this is insane," she recalls. "I'm rock climbing and I've got four-inch heels on!

"But," she adds with a laugh, "I looked good."