Jon Voight says he's not happy about the new "Billy Bob" tattoo etched onto the bicep of his daughter, wacky actress Angelina Jolie.

Voight tells TV Guide Online he's concerned that his daughter's growing tattoo collection might limit her ability to take on various acting roles. So far, however, the veteran actor has had no luck keeping the Girl, Interrupted star out of the tattoo parlor.

"I'm not crazy about anybody having tattoos," says Voight. "She somehow sort of sneaked into getting them. I've always said to her, 'Ang, what are you doing? You want to be able to play anybody. If you're covered with tattoos, that makes it harder.' She says, 'Dad, they'll just cover them up with makeup.' But I know that can be harder than it looks."

Voight doesn't have much to say about Jolie's apparent blossoming romance with actor Billy Bob Thornton, who's believed to be on the verge of splitsville with live-in love Laura Dern.

"I don't want to get into that," says Voight. "It seems like something is going on but the media always knows more than a father. I've met Billy Bob, but never as someone who was seeing my daughter."