Dark Angel's Jessica Alba says training for the role of genetically altered Max wasn't just about looking good in skin-tight, biker-chick-of-the-future gear. A combination of weight-lifting, gymnastics, martial arts and motorcycle lessons also helped the actress transform herself into a superheroine.

"It [is] less about the way I look physically and more about the way I carry myself," Alba tells the TV Guide Channel, adding that she did some of the stunts herself. "I didn't go through the window and I didn't plunge 27 stories with two strings attached to me, and I didn't do a wheelie on a motorcycle. But I did most of the martial arts work — rolls and kicks and running up the wall [with a harness].

"I do as many of the stunts as I can because it gives me a different confidence and stride," she continues. "I think it wouldn't be fair for me to play the role if I couldn't carry her confidence."

With Charlie's Angels breaking box-office records and Dark Angel one of the new season's surprise hits, there's no denying that Hollywood is getting an infusion of girl power. Alba believes that it's healthy for audiences to see women taking charge.

"It's excellent that Max is young and a girl, and she's not apologizing for who she is," the actress offers. "You don't find very many leading characters that have such strong opinions about things and go for it, and I think people relate to her. I think she might inspire people to find their individuality."