Andy Richter, who on Friday ended his seven-year run as co-host of NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien, took an unexpected swipe at the talk show during an appearance last week on Howard Stern's radio show.

Asked by Stern if he'd ever like to switch seats with carrot-top Late Night host O'Brien, Richter responded with a sarcastic dig: "There's nothing I'd love better than interviewing the third star of the latest midseason replacement."

Richter, 33, announced a year ago that he planned to leave the talk show for other creative pursuits. He has a part in the upcoming movie Dr. T and the Women (for which, he said, he was paid "almost nothing") and has hopes of developing a sketch-comedy TV show. Right now, he told Stern, "I don't really have anything lined up."

An incredulous Stern repeatedly grilled Richter as to why he would walk away from a steady gig that pays more than $500,000 a year. "All I'm doing is going to work freelance," said Richter. "What's so crazy about that?

"I'm not leaving to be some multimillion-dollar star," he said. "I'm leaving to do something different."