Leave it to weirdo Andy Dick to come up with an anti-drug presentation that includes a man pretending to vomit on the former NewsRadio star.

Dick, whose past substance abuse problems have been the subject of many a headline, said on yesterday's edition of Howard Stern's radio show that he's been sober for 10 months and is busy spreading his anti-drug message on the national Spitfire tour. The spoken-word tour, which played last night at New York's Wetlands Club, is hitting several colleges this spring with a changing lineup that includes Moon Unit Zappa, Ice T, Rosie Perez and Woody Harrelson.

Dick told Stern that an actor pretends to vomit on him during his presentation but squashed stories that he shaves men's buttocks during the show. That act, he said, is reserved for his regular show.

The outspoken funnyman also told Stern that he's not happy about Chris Kattan's impression of him on Saturday Night Live. Dick then performed an original, expletive-filled song about Kattan and only stopped complaining about the diminutive SNL star when the radio shockjock warned him that his rants could be libelous.

Watch for Dick in theaters this June in Road Trip, a big-screen comedy also featuring MTV's Tom Green. Dick's also looking to develop a New Line TV project with pal Ben Stiller and a show for MTV, according to a spokesman.