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Anderson Cooper will continue to report from Egypt after getting attacked by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak on Wednesday.

"You cannot cover stories like this with agency photos and sitting behind a desk in the U.S. You can do it in a safe and responsible way and continue to be at the heart of this story," CNN International Chief Tony Maddox told The Hollywood Reporter.

VIDEO: Watch Anderson Cooper's report from Egypt

The 360 anchor told CNN that he and his crew were punched in their heads in Cairo's Tahrir Square by a mob who thought the CNN team was taking photos

"We immediately turned around," Cooper said. "The crowd kept growing, throwing more punches and kicks. It was pandemonium. There was no control to it. A young man would come up, look at you and punch you right in the face. The instinct is to punch back or push back, but in a situation like that, you really can't because that just inflames the crowd even more."

Cooper also tweeted: "Got roughed up by thugs in pro-Mubarak crowd..punched and kicked repeatedly. Had to escape. Safe now"

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Cooper said he and his crew are currently at a safe location and no one was seriously hurt.Maddox said he plans to make more security advisers available for Cooper and his staff. "The last thing Anderson would want is his presence to upset the balance of what he's seeking to do," Maddox said. "He's a very professional correspondent. He gets to the heart of things."Cooper and his team have been in Egypt since Sunday, covering the protests against Mubarak.

Watch Anderson Cooper discuss the attack below: