Ana Ortiz by Bob D' Amico/ABC Ana Ortiz by Bob D' Amico/ABC

Betty may have two suitors beating down her door, but the older Suarez sis can't seem catch a break.

In Ugly Betty's season finale, we last saw Ana Ortiz's Hilda with her new man Tony lip-locked on the playground, but Ortiz revealed a future with the sexy gym coach come Season 3 may not pan out. "Eddie Cibrian [Tony] has been on for the first four episodes," says Ortiz. "But you know, Hilda can't ever find love, so there's going to be something tragic as always."

Though Hilda's love life may be in the toilet, Ortiz assures viewers there are good things to come for her full-of-life character. "She's opening her salon, so she's got her little business. And I think they might even bring her over to MODE for a little bit." Fingers crossed Hilda (and her unique taste) signs on as a stylist! - Gina DiNunno

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