Amy Sedaris, <I>The Closer</i> Amy Sedaris, The Closer

Is The Closer gaining its own mentalist? This week on the TNT series (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), Strangers with Candy's Amy Sedaris guest-stars as FBI agent Fritz's sister, Claire. His clairvoyant sister, that is. Will this self-appointed seer make Brenda a believer? Sedaris shared a look at what's to come. How does Amy Sedaris come to be on The Closer? Who knows who?
Amy Sedaris: Can you believe it?! My agency in Los Angeles was like, "What shows do you like?" I said, "Well, I love The Closer," because I'm a Kyra Sedgwick fan. People always think that we look alike. When your casting was announced, many of our readers wanted you to be Brenda's sister, not Fritz's.
Sedaris: That's what I thought, but she doesn't have a sister. But I think it's funny that Fritz would want to marry somebody that looks like his sister. It would seem to raise a few psychological issues.
Sedaris: I know, and I like that! Tell me about Claire. I understand she has filled the occasional odd job?
Sedaris: [Laughs] Yes, she is a jack of all trades, which means obviously that she needs drug money, right? No, she is just a little bit of everything, and now she is convinced that she is a psychic. What is the relationship like between Claire and her brother?
Sedaris: I think they get along. But he is a little scared of me, just because he's afraid she's going to embarrass him. So he pawns her off on Brenda?
Sedaris: And she ends up liking me a lot, so she gives me a shot. I'm a psychic, so she's like, "Really?" She kind of believes it. I was told that Claire strikes a spark with one of the detectives.
Sedaris: Every character I play always latches on to somebody! Put me next to somebody, and I'm going to be all over them. I always think it's funny when you're sitting next to someone to just touch them. Put your hand on a shoulder. It's just so loaded! [Laughs) I just flirt, though. It's in my contract — I can't make out with anybody! I love to watch people who can do it, but if I did it, it just wouldn't work. I can't do it in real life, so.... How are things shaping up with the sitcom you're developing and starring in for 20th Century Fox?
Sedaris: Really great! [Writing partner] Paul Dinello (Strangers with Candy) and I have turned in a couple drafts, and we're getting some positive notes.... Are you revealing the premise yet?
Sedaris: No, because it could change. And when I hear myself say it out loud, it really isn't what it is. I haven't found the right words for it yet. It's character-driven thing, like an American version of a BBC show. Are there any more books in your future?
Sedaris: I'm working on a crafts book right now, actually. Do you have a great title for it, like Hospitality Under the Influence [Sedaris' book on entertaining guests]?
Sedaris: I do, but I don't want to say it yet. What, is it the same as the premise of your sitcom?
Sedaris: [Laughs] Yeah, right!

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