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On Wednesday's episode, America's Got Talent entered its second round of Las Vegas auditions (these count as semifinals, right?), which meant a second round of ridiculousness from acts that have come before. None — not the big guy with the freestyle dance and the too-short shirt, not the tween girl group who sound like The Chipettes without any vocal altering, not the young rappers/wappers, not the far-from-angelic wing-wearer — matched the weirdness of the geriatric duo consisting of a pianist and an acrobat. The best thing about this is that unlike, say, Narcissister, this pair's act doesn't seem self-consciously weird — it mostly feels accidental and blissfully unaware. The banana-eating, though, is a bit precious.

VIDEO: Silver man pole-dances, gender-bends on America's Got Talent

Sadly, this pair did not advance to the next round. They'll just have to stick to confusing passersby on whatever street corner they choose to terrorize. As for the 48 acts that will be proceeding to AGT's next round (the live episodes begin on Tuesday, July 12), check out the full list after the video and tell us who your early favorites are.

Anna Graceman - Juneau, Alaska (singer/pianist)
Attack Dance Crew - Tallahassee, Fla. (drilling dance crew)
Avery and the Calico Hearts - Lubbock, Texas (singing trio)
Captain & Maybelle - Atlanta, Ga. (variety act)
Charles Peachock - Kent, Ohio (juggler)
Dani Shay - Orlando, Fla. (singer/guitarist)
Daniel Joseph Baker - Katy, Texas (singer/pianist)
Dezmond Meeks - Pineville, La. (singer/pianist)
Duo Aero - Saint Paul, Minn (trapeze duo)
Dylan Andre - Zieglerville, Pa. (singer/guitarist)
Echo of Animal Gardens - Lake Geneva, Wis. (animal act)
Fatally Unique - Rockford, Ill. (hip hop dance team)
Fearless Flores Family - Myakka City, Fla. (family daredevil act)
Frank Miles - Los Angeles, Calif. (variety act)
Geechy Guy - Las Vegas, Nev. (comedian)
Ian Johnson - Hebron, Ill. (yo-yo tricks)
J Chris Newberg - Los Angeles, Calif. (comic/musician)
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. - Logan, W. V. (singer)
Landon Swank - Wasilla, Alaska (magician)
Lys Agnès - Denver, Colo. (singer)
Mauricio Herrera - Pomona, Calif. (singer/dancer)
Melissa Villasenor - Los Angeles, Calif. (impressionist)
Miami All Stars - Miami, Fla. (dance group)
Mona Lisa - Houston, Texas (twin singers/guitarist duo)
Monet - Charlotte, N. Car. (singer)
POPLYFE - Oakland, Calif. (teen band)
Professor Splash - Lakewood, Colo. (shallow water diver)
Purrfect Angelz - Los Angeles, Calif. (dance troupe)
Sam B. - Falls Church, Va. (dancer)
Sandou Trio Russian Bar - San Antonio, Texas (Russian bar trio)
Scott Alexander - Lancaster, Pa. (magician)
Seth Grabel - Los Angeles, Calif. (magician)
SH'Boss Boys - Atlanta, Ga. (young rap trio)
Silhouettes - Arvada, Colo. (interpretative dance)
Smage Bros. Riding Shows - Elkhorn, Wis. (motorcycle stunt show)
Snap Boogie - Boston, Mass. (dancer)
Squonk Opera - Pittsburgh, Pa. (band)
Steven Retchless - New York, N. Y. (pole dancer/aerialist)
Summerwind Skippers - Boise, Idaho (jump rope team)
Taylor Davis - Leesburg, Ga. (singer/guitarist)
Team iLuminate - New York, N.Y. (glow suit dancers)
The Fiddleheads - Dahlonega, Ga. (bluegrass band)
The Kinetic King — St. Paul, Minn. (variety act)
The Rhinestone Ropers - Jerome, Idaho (variety act)
Thomas John - Woodland Park, Colo. (variety act)
Those Funny Little People - Chicago, Ill. (variety act)
Yellow Designs Stunt Team - Monument, Colo. (BMX bike tricks)
Zuma Zuma — Las Vegas, Nevada (tumblers)