Jessica Sanchez Jessica Sanchez

Coming in second place on American Idol may have cost runner-up Jessica Sanchez more than she thought.

According to the Associated Press, this season's Idol contract for finalists who aren't crowned America's most talented singer falls short of what the Fox reality series used to offer. In an analysis of eight of Idol's 11 seasons contracts, the AP uncovered that previous runners-up used to be guaranteed an album with an advance of at least $175,000. This season, however, Sanchez,16, could be paid as little as $30,000 for only recording singles.

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Should 19 Recordings Inc. decide to give Sanchez an album deal, she could receive the same $175,000 advance that Lauren Alaina made after coming in second last season. Sanchez could also make at least $60,000 only recording an "EP" of between four and 10 songs.

In comparison, this year's winner Phillip Phillips, 21, will receive the same $300,000 that last year's winner Scotty McCreery scored. He could make up to $800,000 for a six-album deal should 19 Recordings Inc. agree to produce more.

Do you think Sanchez is getting shafted? Does she deserve more?