No one has ever accused Ryan Murphy of not going there. On Wednesday's American Horror Story: Hotel, the series once again tackled school massacres. But unlike when Tate shot up Westfield High in Murder House, Murphy added a ridiculous, supernatural twist to a very real problem plaguing our country right now.

The newly turned Alex (Chloe Sevigny) returned to her work at the hospital to discover that Max, the boy she's been treating for measles, might die. And since the Countess (Lady Gaga) turned Alex without any real forethought, Alex figures that must just be how things work in the pseudo-vampire world and turns the kid on a whim. So yeah, not a smart move on her part. But you want to know what's really dumb? Letting this bloodsucking child go home with his parents without even a brief conversation.

"Hey, you're now infected with an ancient virus and will need to drink fresh blood, but be smart about it, okay? Don't murder your parents and everyone else around you."

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That's all she needed to say. But instead, Max goes home and - shocker - immediately murders his parents. He then proceeds to go to school where he first turns his crush Madeline before proceeding to turn the entire elementary school student body (most notably including the Burp King of Westchester).

The teachers manage to put the school on lockdown after the first sign of distress. But while waiting for the police to arrive, the blood-crazed children slaughter all the adults and use the downtime to get their story straight - that a tall man in a mask did all the murders.

Umm... yeah.

The episode also featured Liz Taylor's (Denis O'Hare) beautiful coming out story and minor movement in the I Hate The Countess Club, but it's hard to compete with something like a school massacre committed by a horde of monster children.

Moral of the story: vaccinate your kids or else they'll turn into bootleg vampires and murder us all.

What did you think of this week's Hotel?