American Horror Story American Horror Story

It's a good thing the Harmon's new crib is so roomy, because the damn place is filling up fast!

As we know, if you die on the American Horror Story property, you stay on the property. Which means the creepy plastic surgeon, his socialite wife, their Frankenstein baby, the home-invaders, the gay couple, Moira the two-faced maid, school-shooter Tate, and crazy Hayden are already haunting the halls of Murder House. And last night, two new permanent fixtures were revealed, including the notorious Black Dahlia (who apparently perished at the hands of a dirty dentist back in '47 — good detective work, Ryan Murphy!) and Constance's boy-toy lover, who left this mortal coil after major coitus with Ben's dead ex. That's a whole lot of deadbeat squatters, and there's still three more weeks left before the finale.

So who else do we think will end up joining their ranks? And more importantly, if the show does go with the idea of a new family for next season, does that mean this crew will stick around to torment them? We're thinking an exorcism is in order to rid the place of its demons so another batch of baddies can take over the scares. And while they're at it, it might be a good idea to give Vivien some spiritual cleansing, as well. Because if that baby she's carrying really is the antichrist, nobody is gonna stand a ghost of a chance in that house come season two.

You tell us, who should die before the finale? And do the ghosts need to go, or would you like to see them stick around next year?

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