Amazon Prime has released its annual crop of pilots, inviting subscribers to watch and give feedback to help decide what shows get picked up to series. This year's pilots are comedies The Climb, Love You More and Sea Oak.

<em>The Climb</em>The Climb

The Climb is created by and stars American Koko's Diarra Kilpatrick as an office assistant in Detroit who decides to chase the American Dream, 2017-style, by becoming an internet celebrity.

<em>Love You More</em>Love You More

Musical comedy Love You More stars Patti Cake$' Bridget Everett as a counselor at an independent living residence for young adults with Down syndrome whose personality is so big she sometimes has to break out into a fantastical rock-n-roll musical number. Bobcat Goldthwait directs and Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King is the showrunner.

<em>Sea Oak</em>Sea Oak

And Sea Oak (the only one your correspondent has watched so far) stars Glenn Close as a lonesome, Eleanor Rigby-like woman who comes back from the dead through sheer force of dissatisfaction to finally live the good life she never had. It's created by acclaimed novelist George Saunders and directed by Atlanta's Hiro Murai, who brings his distinctive dreamlike sensibility. "Atlanta with zombies" is sort of the vibe. It's really good, chockfull of delightfully offbeat stuff like James van der Beek running a live-action diorama business called "Posers."

This may be Amazon Prime's last crop of artsy, niche comedies, as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has ordered a strategy change at the streaming service in search of the next Game of Thrones, plus there's been an executive purge in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal that brought down Amazon Studios' head Roy Price.

2016's pilot class included I Love Dick, The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, all of which made it to series.

The pilots are included with an Amazon Prime subscription and can be watched here.