Steve Smith, Allison Smith Steve Smith, Allison Smith

After a winning leg in the Seychelles (at the expense of losing their bags), the father-daughter duo Steve and Allie Smith ran a muddled leg in Malaysia and were eliminated on Sunday's Amazing Race. "Being in sports, that's what happens sometimes. You have a great day one day and a horrible one the next," Steve, the Cleveland Indians third base coach, tells "I'm not saying we were the best team, but we were good and we felt like we were on a roll and had a good opportunity to win. One little thing knocks you out." In this case, it was multiple, direction-challenged cab drivers. Find out how much time they bled shuffling between Detours, what Allie, 23, blames herself for, and what Steve, 57 — who won a World Series ring with the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies — wishes he had in Malaysia. You started the leg well, but things unraveled after you got out of the cab to run to the temple. Do you regret doing that?
No, because we were in front of Jordan and Dan, and we met up with our cab halfway, so we had an advantage over them since they had to walk the rest of the way. The problem, of course, was that we all went to the wrong temple. I wish [Dan and Jordan] had stolen our cab because basically the guy had no idea how to get anywhere! Running took about 15 to 20 minutes. We saw Mike and Louie in their cab go by. They actually went to the same [incorrect] temple we went to. We felt we were OK because it was a nice little run and it would get our adrenaline going.

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