Sam and Dan McMillen Sam and Dan McMillen

Brothers Sam and Dan McMillen argued all the way until the end of The Amazing Race, coming up just shy — 10 minutes to be exact. "The truth is, I don't think we fought any more than anyone else," Sam, 23, tells "All the other teams had the exact same experience. Ours just happened to be the ones that got shone. We were perfectly fine afterward." The two are also perfectly fine with Harlem Globetrotter Big Easy after Dan, 21, left him hanging last week. Find out what else the two had to say about their time, their "villain" edit and more. Did you really not know who Wayne Newton is?
[Laughs] We know who he is, but we asked the concierge [who Mr. Las Vegas is] and they told us it was this new comedian — George Wallace. So we see Wayne Newton thinking, "Oh, maybe that's his birth name." We called him George Wallace and he was like, "No." And for some reason, his name was just not popping into our heads. It was on the tips of our tongues. It was so embarrassing! ... We were confused when he told us his name. We were thinking maybe Meghan and Cheyne already finished because he told us, but maybe he wasn't familiar with the rules or whatnot.

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