Which team was most likely to suffer a Flo and Zach-style breakdown in the early legs of The Amazing Race 4? That'd be Tian and Jaree. The two Miami models were at each other's throats from the start, and that animosity continued until they arrived in India, where they suddenly turned best friends again. But their reunion was too little, too late; although a fifth-place finish was in their grasp, they were ultimately beaten out by their pals, Chip and Reichen.

TV Guide Online: Your elimination couldn't have come at a worse time. After spending the first half of the race squabbling, it seemed like you two were finally starting to get along.
It's not like we finally came together at that point, though. They showed the 1 percent of the time we were fighting, but not the other 99 percent where we were talking and braiding each other's hair.
Jaree: It's all editing. They didn't show how hard we really worked. In the beginning, I was sick with the flu and they didn't show any of that. Tian had to carry me half the time, but I was still running and I kicked butt. We eventually did decide to stop fighting and when we did, we lost. (Laughs)

TVGO: You seemed to keep to yourselves a lot. Were there any teams that you bonded with?
We were friends with "The Supremes" [Monica and Sheree], Chip and Reichen and Kelly and Jon. They didn't show how we were having a relationship with them, but we did from the very beginning.
Tian: We were also super close with Debra and Steve [the first team to be eliminated]. They are a fantastic couple, so passionately in love. We met some fantastic people on this race — they were family. That was the saddest part of being eliminated. We lost our family.
Jaree: When you get eliminated, you can't carry on and do the rest of the show with your friends. You forget about the money. It's not on your mind after the third leg. You want to carry on, just to hang out and to travel to the next country.

TVGO: Speaking of that, which was your favorite country to visit?
We loved India. It was the one place that I actually didn't want to go, at first. I wrote that on my form in the very beginning when I auditioned for the show and, of course, we wound up going there. I liked it because it was warm; I was sick of wearing jackets.
Tian: I liked it because we've done Europe, and it's all pretty similar. India was like nothing we'd ever seen, and my eyes were just wide open and amazed. I'm the type of person who will see things and just take whatever I can out of it. There were dogs and pigs all around where we slept, and it was never ever quiet. The only fear was getting malaria. They had us on these malaria pills that were making everyone sick; they made you have crazy nightmares.
Jaree: I didn't take mine; I took my chances with the mosquitoes. I wasn't bitten by one mosquito in India, but now that I'm back in Miami, I'm attacked constantly. You need citronella just to sit on my patio.

TVGO: You both got a raw deal in Marseilles, where the other teams accused you of cutting in line. Why did you let them all pass, even though you were clearly in the right?
From the beginning, Jaree and I said we were going to win fair or not at all. I explained the situation to them three times, but they just wanted to fight, and that's why I walked away. At that point, when people are bunched together, you know it isn't the end, so what advantage will it be to have one or two minutes lead on someone? We weren't going to cheat and we didn't.

TVGO: Had you watched the show before you decided to audition for it? How did that help you in the race?
I watched the last Amazing Race, and it's completely different from what you see on TV. They don't show the extent of what you actually go through.
Tian: I hadn't seen the show before, and I wanted to go into it not knowing what to expect, so I wouldn't have any preconceived notions or ideas that would screw us up. But I let Jaree do a lot of research, so we would have two different perspectives.

TVGO: Knowing what you do now, what's the one change you'd make if you were to run the race over again?
W-I-N. I'd also do more of the roadblocks. I wouldn't be sick the next time because I'd know what to expect.

TVGO: Will you still watch this show?
(Laughs) No, I don't care anymore. We're bitter. We hate everybody.