Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney

What happened in Vegas remained a well-kept secret — one that was very hard to keep for Amazing Race champs Meghan Rickey and Cheyne Whitney. The 23-year-olds, who have been dating for five years, overcame a face-first rappel down the Mandalay Bay, a bungee-jumping Cirque de Soleil act, a hotel mix-up and a poker chip-counting task before crossing the finish line first at Wayne Newton's house. "Every single season, I have cried at the finish because I got so attached to the teams," Meghan tells "To actually be in that situation was unreal." See what else the couple has to say. You owned everyone at the chip-counting challenge since you got there third and left first. What was your strategy?
We just wanted to make it interesting! No, just kidding! Our strategy was not to worry about the other teams because there's nothing we can do about them. The other teams were, fortunately, counting their chips individually. Cheyne's played a lot of poker, so he knew to count one stack and stack the rest to that same level, so we got done a lot faster.
Cheyne: I host a game at my house every week, so I work with poker chips all the time and that really did help. Meghan was awesome at finding all the chips at the right time and I just stacked. We worked really well together.

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Amazing Race's Gary and Matt: We don't feel like we lost You tied Nick and Starr with seven wins and you won the last four legs, and now fans are saying you're one of the best teams ever, if not the best. How does that make you feel?
Thank you so much! It makes us feel great just because we have been fans of The Amazing Race since Season 1. We started dating five years ago and we were like, "Oh, I love The Amazing Race!" "Oh, me too!" "Well, we're going to do it!" We applied for [Seasons] 13, 14 and finally got on 15. I believe in destiny and making your future happen. We didn't make 14, but if we did, I would've finished school, like, six months later. I wouldn't have gotten my job that I have. Everything fell into place and I think it's cool that people think we're the best Amazing Race team ever. What are you going to do with the money?
A million dollars is life-changing, but it's not enough to run off and spend it all. We're going to buy a house together and enjoy a comfortable life and not be too extravagant.

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