The Amazing Race 15 - Maria, Tiffany The Amazing Race 15 - Maria, Tiffany

Poker players Maria Ho, 26, and Tiffany Michelle, 25, ran out of luck on Sunday's Amazing Race when they were forced to withdraw after failing to summon enough strength for either Detour. After bailing on a carnival test-your-strength bell-ringing device, they headed to the golf field before switching back, and then switching back again to golf — before calling it a day. "We are tough girls and like to win, but at that point, we realized we had nothing more that we could physically give," Tiffany tells How much time did they spend attempting both tasks? Find out below — and whether they really thought gay brothers Sam and Dan were straight. How long were you guys trying to do both Detours — twice — before deciding to quit?
It was over three hours. Toward the end, it was so hard because we had no idea where the other teams were. We had only seen Meghan and Cheyne leaving and Matt and Gary on the golf field, but we had a good feeling that nobody else was taking three hours to do either of the challenges. It felt like days, but in reality it was three hours that we put our hearts and souls out there on that field.

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