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A Morse code task spelled doom for Joe and Heidi Wang on The Amazing Race after the pair was U-Turned by detectives Louie and Michael, forcing them to the code-deciphering challenge in the World War I-inspired Detour. "No other team did it, so that was the end of us because we had to do two," Joe, 42, tells "That was an impossible task for us — not to say that no one can do it. I'm sure military-trained individuals would be able to do it." Find out how long Joe and Heidi, 37, toiled with the recording's endless beeps, what may have affected their guesses and more. What went through your head when you saw you were U-Turned? Did you think anyone would U-Turn you?

Heidi: It was definitely unexpected, but at the time, we were in the lead, in the top 3, and my mission was to just go tackle it, finish it and move on and maintain that lead. Unfortunately, that task was something you couldn't mentally prepare for, couldn't physically prepare for. It was just a surprise that came out of nowhere.

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