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Jordan Lloyd won Big Brother 11, while Jeff Schroeder won fan favorite, but the couple didn't come close to winning The Amazing Race. After a bad cab ride left them in last place two weeks ago, the pair struggled to keep up before getting eliminated Sunday following yet another mistake-ridden leg. "We were trying to keep it positive, but this leg, if everything could've gone wrong, I think it did," Jeff, 31, tells "We started late and we tried our best. A lot of people made mistakes this leg, so if we had made the right decisions, we may have had a chance." See what else the two have to say about their last hurrah, what was wrong with their game plan, and if Jordan, 23, knows who Joan of Arc is now. You never recovered from that cab ride in Germany two legs ago. Could you sense an elimination was imminent?
We definitely felt it while we were running. We were in the back of the pack and whenever you're in the back, you never know where the other teams are, so you get more stressed out. We were making wrong choice after wrong choice, more so on my part.
Jordan: We were hoping there would be a plane ride or a train ride so we could catch up, but there wasn't. ... The cab ride in Germany — we were in there for 40 minutes, going the wrong way. It cost us almost $100. The driver wouldn't listen to us. He was all about that navigation system and thought it was so right. I was like, "Oh my God! We're probably going to get chopped up in an alley somewhere because it's so dark."

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