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Despite going from first to last, Ivy League a cappella singers Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz ended their Amazing Race run on a high note, serenading Phil Keoghan at the Pit Stop. "We knew we wanted to sing for Phil and we knew it would be poetic if we sang if and when we were eliminated," Schwartz tells "Because it was on our graduation day [from Princeton University], we thought it was a cool, ironic moment. There was no sadness, no tears." But there were still moments the 22-year-olds "would rather forget" on the show's first-ever trip to the Arctic Circle. That was one of the happiest eliminations I've seen with you singing. You obviously knew you were last, right? How far behind were you?
Oh yeah! It was relatively close. When you keep things in perspective, I think it's difficult to be super-crushed. We get to see amazing places and are competing for $1 million. We both feel pretty lucky to have had the experience.
Jonathan: When we switched from Sleds, we thought we were last. Once we got to Beds, we were so excited to see two teams. We thought, "If we really book it, we could get there." When we saw them leave, we thought we were last, but there was a slim chance that maybe they took the wrong turn driving to the Pit Stop.

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