Phil Keoghan, Jason, Amy Phil Keoghan, Jason, Amy

Second is the best, right? After six runner-up finishes on The Amazing Race 23, Jason and Amy won the leg that mattered and the $1 million on Sunday's finale. "We definitely did not want to break the record of most second-place finishes!" Amy tells The couple ran a near-perfect final leg and had such a huge lead that "something would've had to have gone horribly wrong" for them to lose. Find out how far ahead they were, why they helped Travis and Nicole so much, and what they'll do with the money.

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What are you going to do with the money?
 We really haven't had the chance to think about it much. But we definitely want to go back to a couple of the countries we visited. We want to go back to Portugal because that was just unbelievable and probably Vienna. I'm a huge Sound of Music fan, so I'm going to drag Jay to that tour. We want to visit the cast and meet their families too. I'm very involved in non-profits, so we will give back to a couple organizations and the rest, we'll keep for our future. If we have a future. [Laughs]
Jason: We will not be going bungee-jumping in Vienna. I'm going to preface that. [Laughs] That time has come and gone!

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