Phil Keoghan, Connor, David Phil Keoghan, Connor, David

After 24 seasons, The Amazing Race finally had its first parent-child team winners when Dave and Connor won the $1 million on Sunday's All-Stars finale. "We feel really fortunate to be the first parent-child team," Dave, who at 58 is also the show's oldest winner, tells "It feels pretty cool. It's hard to believe we're the first." See what else the Season 22 alums have to say about their big victory, how close it actually was, and why they were so hung up on getting U-Turned by Brendon and Rachel.

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And the Amazing Race All-Stars winners are...

There's a new Roadblock distribution rule, which you guys took advantage of with Connor doing the majority of them. How much do you think that helped you getting to the finale? You won three legs in a row before this. 
 Yeah. I think we played the Roadblocks smart. We stayed within the rules. We just decided if that Roadblock fits my dad better, he'll do it, and if it suits me better, I'll do it. The clue is a riddle, so it's sometimes hard to tell, but I think we handled them well. We kept it close enough as far as the numbers go. It worked really well for us.

Let's talk about the U-Turn. Why couldn't you let it go?
 We made a big deal of it. In hindsight, we shouldn't have. We didn't know how long it would take for us to do the other Detour because we had no idea what it was, so we were kind of perturbed. And we could've U-Turned the cowboys — they were right behind us — but they're world champion bull riders. How long will it take for them to ride a donkey around a ring? It would've taken them 15 seconds. Our only choice was to U-Turn the Afghanimals. In hindsight, it didn't affect us. But in the moment, it seemed silly to us that Brenchel didn't U-Turn the cowboys. They knew the cowboys had an Express Pass, which they used [that leg], and frankly were the strongest team on the race. I think we let our emotions get the best of us and it got out of hand. They are within their right to U-Turn, but we just didn't understand why they used it on us.

In retrospect, wouldn't you say they U-Turned the right people since you guys won?
 [Laughs] Maybe!
Connor: Yeah, I guess so. I guess you're right there. Maybe they were smart.

I talked to Phil [Keoghan] last week, and he thought that you, Dave, should've embraced your age more. You should've been like, "I'm older, but I'm kicking your ass," instead of, "How could they U-Turn the old guy?"
 [Laughs] I think I probably spent more time stretching than sleeping because I was so sore most of the time. You know, it was something. I wasn't using it as an excuse, but if you look at the teams that were left in the final five, I have children older than every one of those other contestants. I'm racing people that are younger than my kids, so it did make me feel a little older. I saw someone had posted, "It didn't hurt to get hit by those bulls" to me, and I thought, "Boy, you don't know what it feels like to get hit by a rugby player." It almost knocked the socks off me.

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