Trey and Lexi Trey and Lexi

Victory and $1 million was a challenge away for Trey and Lexi on The Amazing Race, but the Texas couple fell from first to third when she struggled at the memory Roadblcok — and got hit on the head with a pole to add insult to injury. "We knew we had a lead and were close to winning, but the most important part of the Race is to not get too confident," Lexi tells "The Race can change at any time and it did there." Find out how long it took for her to complete the task and why they don't feel guilty about sharing James and  Abba's money with the twins.

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Do you know how far behind the Chippendales you were?
I think we were about 40 minutes. We were pretty certain we got third.

The twins begged you to wait for them to do their Speed Bump in France, which is kind of ridiculous. You didn't, but did you give it any thought?
[Laughs] No. We had an alliance with them because we're friends and they're strong teams, but you have to put yourself first. I know that they wouldn't have done it. I think they were just worried about being last and lost it a little bit. We're all competitive and I think that's why our alliance worked. At the end of the day, we're all racing for ourselves.
Trey: As you saw, we were running off as soon as we got the clue. We would've loved to have kept racing with them that leg because they're great friends of ours, but everyone knew you couldn't wait for anybody. This was for a spot in the final. 

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Have you talked to the rockers about it? They said they had no idea you guys had it until they saw the episode.
Yeah. I called them the next day and explained the whole story. ... They understood where we were coming from and why we did it. We love Abba and James. They're good people and after our conversation, we were fine.

What are you up to now?
We're just working and ... looking forward to the holidays.