Rob Scheer and Sheila Castle

The Amazing Race 21 premiere had an actual footrace to the Pit Stop, and Rob and Sheila came out on the losing end — by 10 seconds. "If that," Rob tells "It was really close. It wasn't the outcome we wanted, but someone had to go and we were the one." The engaged lumberjacks were overtaken by the Chippendales (Jaymes and James) after each team labored to find a woman with an abacus on The Bund, a Shanghai waterfront. The couple probably would've been safe had Trey and Lexi not told the Chippendales where the clue was or if Gary and Will not lied to them about the clue. As it turns out, the three teams had an alliance, only for Gary and Will to renege on it. Would Rob and Sheila had done the same? Find out below.

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Why were you walking to the Pit Stop? You had to have assumed someone was behind you.
We had no idea the Chippendales were out there. We had been diverted two or three times and we had no idea who was left on The Bund. When we got to The Bund, there were all these teams bunched up, but slowly and surely they [found the woman with the abacus]. But we had no idea where she was because no one was being honest. We were not walking. We were hauling ass. When we found out where the Pit Stop was, we ran flat out. The only thing is I stopped because Sheila was carrying the water bottle and two books we were using for navigation. I told her to stop so we could put it away and we could start running again. It was about a half mile from where we were to the tower. We were not walking. We felt fairly comfortable. We couldn't have gone any faster than except when we stopped to reorganize.
Sheila: We really only stopped when Rob took my backpack, but we were running. They just outran us in the end, just before we got to the signal tower.

What place did you think you were in?
Before we got to the Pit Stop, we had no idea.
Rob: We didn't think we were last, but we didn't know. We had just left Gary and Will, who said they did not have the clue, but in fact they did and were heading to the Pit Stop. They told us to go the wrong way.
Sheila: [Laughs] They lied!
Rob: We got diverted by them. We only saw Gary and Will, and Lexi and Trey out there. The second time we bumped into Lexi and Trey, they had just been to the signal tower and were told where the clue was by people there, so they told us where the clue was. They took off running after they got the clue because they knew where the signal tower was.
Sheila: And then they told the Chippendales!

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Did you think you were safe when you got to the Pit Stop?
Once we saw Lexi and Trey, and Will and Gary there, we knew we were last because the Chippendales just outran us. We knew. It was really, really hard. We just had our heart set on doing the Race.
Rob: We really believed that Will and Gary were still out searching since they told us they didn't have the clue.

Would you have done the same thing and lied?
If we were to do it again, we'd help Will and Gary, and Lexi and Trey. We assisted other teams. There was a deal that was made and the deal was broken immediately.

You had an alliance?
Yeah, with Lexi and Trey, and Will and Gary. Lexi and Trey were good to their word, but Will and Gary totally went back on it.

How much time did you waste at the Bank of China?
Thirty-five minutes. There were three banks. When we looked at the map of The Bund, there were the banks and people told us to go to the Bank of China. People in the bank told us that absolutely the lady with the abacus was upstairs. We went upstairs and then ran to the other banks. A British man came up and said, "Oh, the lady with the abacus, I know where she is. She's a masonry detail on the back of one of these banks." [Laughs] So now we're looking at the side of the banks for the clue. After about 15 minutes of that crap, Sheila said, "Let's go to the waterfront."

You were literally standing right in front of the woman at one point.
Sheila: Yeah. The most horrifying part is you always see people on The Amazing Race looking at something and not seeing it, and you're like, "What?! Can't they see it? They're idiots!" You watch it last night and it's like, "Oh my God! There she is!" I was looking right at her, but I truly couldn't see her. It's like you're so intent on finding her, it's crazy that I couldn't see her.
Rob: It was right there in front of both of us. What you don't see is while we're standing there, there were two other teams diverting us. That's when Will and Gary totally screwed us. We really got screwed over. It was the worst timing. We bumped into them literally right there and they lied.
Sheila: And here's the thing: They hated the Chippendales. They wanted them to lose, so I don't understand why they wouldn't tell us. If they wanted them out, shouldn't they tell us?

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They probably didn't count on Trey and Lexi telling the Chippendales.
Rob: I don't think they knew at that point when we saw them that the Chippendales were still out there. And I was so ready to race and do all these challenges. I was ready to conquer challenges, and we just played ping-pong with an 8-year-old and ate Fallopian tubes. Why couldn't they have us build a pyramid or something? Why couldn't we build a boat or swim a channel?

Or had a non-elimination leg?
That would've been nice!
Rob: Yeah, but I kept waiting for a task where we had to do something and it never happened. They were just these silly little things.
Sheila: He can say eating frog Fallopian tubes is a silly little thing, but let me tell you, it's not! It was disgusting!
Rob: I know, but I wanted to scale a tower — things like that.

What are you up to now?
We're heading to our hunting lodge in northern Wisconsin to spend a few days there. Then we gotta get back to being lumberjacks again. We do shows 365 days a year, one-to-three shows a day in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We had the same type of show in Alaska, but they just shut down.
Sheila: In Pigeon Forge, you can get the dinner and the show, so more of that soon!