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Quitting has its consequences. After opting against finishing the Detour on The Amazing Race last week, Nick DeCarlo and girlfriend Vicki Casciola, both 26, incurred a six-hour penalty, forcing them to miss the first flight to Seoul this week and a shot to make the final three. "I don't think we had any chance of making that flight," Vicki tells "We got to the airport a little too late. ... But we were still in good spirits in thinking that you never know what's going to happen." See what else the two have to say about their disastrous penultimate leg, if they did all the tasks this week and why Nick felt "a little OK" quitting last week. When did you know it was over? When you missed the first flight?
Pretty much when we missed the flight, but a little before that as well. I mean, six hours is a lot to make up. And then the next flight was nine hours later, so ...

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