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Did Natalie and Nadiya lose The Amazing Race, falling short in fourth place, because of karma from keeping James and Abba's money? "We lost because we raced poorly for two legs," Natalie tells "No karma because we didn't steal the money; we found it." The twins say they have no regrets about not turning the $100 over to the rockers, but would they have had the rockers asked if they found their money?

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How close were you to the Beekmans?
We were probably 45 minutes behind. We left like 10, 15 minutes from the caves before them, but we drove completely in the opposite direction — probably about half an hour there. Then we realized we went in the wrong direction and drove another half hour back. I knew we had lost at that point. We lost an hour. That's enough time for us to know what we f---ed up. [Laughs]

Why were you so bent out of shape about the Beekmans being on your tail? Was it just because of the Speed Bump?
I think them beating us the leg before definitely put a chip on our shoulders and that was the reason we had the Speed Bump. And we were invested in this "dream team" final with the Chippendales and Trey and Lexi. We didn't race with Josh and Brent the entire Race until Spain. We never interacted with them. Then we finally got to get to know them going to Spain and we love them. They're awesome.

It seemed like you underestimated them.
Well, out of them and Abbie and Ryan, Abbie and Ryan were the stronger team. I think even the Beekmans would say that. But it was really impressive to see how they turned it on those last two legs. Natalie and I were not expecting that. And they deserve that win. It doesn't matter how you were the whole season — you only win the $1 million by winning the last leg, and they did that.

Was your anger more about you guys losing your cool than them?
Yeah. Our personalities are so much more aggressive than most of the teams. I think the only team similar to us is Abbie and Ryan. That's why we always went back-and-forth at one another — they were just as competitive and cutthroat as us. Obviously, when we started messing up in Spain, it started unraveling, so the more we kept falling behind, the more frustrated we became. It was absolutely nothing against the Beekmans. We love them. It's just friendly competition. Me and Nadiya made up with Abbie and Ryan on the mat, and everybody thought we hated each other. It's all part of the game. We watched the finale with the Beekmans. We're so happy for them. I think it's cool to race really hard and to know that that's not real life. It's a competition version of ourselves in a competition setting.

Did you realize you were letting the Beekmans psych you out at the dog food Detour?
Yeah. The Beekmans played it so well. They stayed so calm, cool and collected. Even when Natalie and I were trying to rile them up, they were fine. At one point, I said, "Shut up! Enough talking!" We were being more destructive to ourselves than to them because they were so calm the whole time. While we were racing, we called people names and it's all in good fun. And Natalie and I call each other names as well. We were always in the front of the pack when we did this and I think being in the back really frazzled us. We were really scared we were going to be eliminated.

Your U-Turn plan was pretty great. Was it hard getting the Chippendales and Trey and Lexi on board?
They thought it was a good idea, but I feel like we can't always count on people to execute. Even though we came up with the plan, we didn't know if they would still do it. And we didn't know it was the first time it was ever done. We assumed someone had to have done it before. We were so happy they did it. We told them in France, "It's us three now." But you saw that as soon as me and Natalie were out of the picture, the Chippendales and Trey and Lexi worked with the Beekmans.

Did you really expect them to wait for you while you did the Speed Bump? Would you have?
Well, we just thought that if they stayed, the Beekmans would've too since the Beekmans had been following us. Natalie and I stick to our word, whereas, I think other people just do what's easy at the time. At the end of the day, we know that it's everybody for themselves, but we still wanted the three of us in the final.

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