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Newlyweds Max and Katie had won the past three legs on The Amazing Race 22 and looked like they might make it a fourth straight victory on the final leg. But then came the spy Switchback Roadblock. Despite getting there first, Max had trouble locating his spy and completed the task third, but the two were able to recover for a second-place finish.  "It was hard to watch. We loved watching the first half [of the two-hour finale]," he tells "I wish we had a week to enjoy that victory instead of just slamming the door on it. But it was fun. We'd been dreading watching D.C. since we did it." Find out how much time they lost at the challenge, if they think of themselves as villains and more.

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I loved your reaction to learning that John and Jessica didn't use their Express Pass and got eliminated.
[Laughs] I thought that I was just saying what all of America was going to say.

And that's what we were saying.
Yeah! That's how I felt. And Joey and Meghan were trying to defend them. I know everybody was thinking the same thing and maybe nobody had the balls to say it, but I was just like, "Holy crap! You've got to be kidding me. How is that possible?!" That episode was one of the most fun ones to watch because even Phil was just like, "Oy vey. I don't understand it." And [John] was just in complete denial. To this day, I still find it crazy.

Did you really think you were going to meet Obama?
When you open those clues, you believe most of the things you read. I would say within two minutes of reading that clue, I said to Katie, "Wow, if Bert [van Munster, the creator] pulled this off, he's really got some skills." Then I thought to myself, "We've really got problems as a country if the president's taking the time to meet reality show contestants not even knowing when they're all going to arrive." [Laughs] So we didn't buy it for very long, but it was certainly entertaining.

What's next for you guys?
Hopefully All-Stars! [Laughs] We have dreams about the Race every night now.

Is your recurring dream a recurring nightmare now? You turn the corner and you see Bates and Anthony run by you?
[Laughs] Yeah! And we have recurring nightmares about the Tidal Basin and the suitcases, having it slip through our fingers.
Max: It's hard just not to think about how close it could've been. Maybe we still would've lost, but you never know. Katie and I talk to fans of the show and we say, "You might hate us, but did you notice us?" The general consensus we got was, "We hated you. We didn't want you to win, but we did enjoy watching it." It was kind of like a trainwreck for them. [Laughs] That's our hope — to get another crack at it.

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