Kaylani and Lisa

For once, having a cab caused a downfall on The Amazing Race. Vegas showgirls Kaylani Paliotta and Lisa Tilley lost valuable time when they had to settle their cab fare before checking into the Pit Stop at Indonesia's Borobudur Temple, ultimately in last place. "When we were driving up there, we kept telling each other, 'We're going to pay our cab,'" Tilley tells TVGuide.com. "But for whatever reason, once we actually got there, we were in such a rush to get started that we just had him wait and got out." Still, while their race ended early, they're happy to have raced at all after Paliotta lost her passport en route to LAX in the first leg — only to have Twitter come to the rescue.

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How far behind Liz and Marie were you?
We were probably like 10 minutes after. We knew [we were last] when we left the temple ... because we had to pay our cab fare and [Marcus and Amani] didn't.

What happened during that? It looked like you paid your cab before the twins did.
We didn't know that the twins got lost, but when we were walking out [to pay our cab], we actually saw the twins walking back in, so they definitely paid their cab before us. I know it didn't seem like that on the show ... so we kind of knew they were ahead of us.
Kaylani: It didn't take long to find the cab, but it was a long walk because you had to walk from the temple down the stairs and you had to keep walking on the temple grounds. You weren't allowed to run at all. It was frustrating because we got there third and were one of the last teams to finish. I would say we would say we were there for three hours at least.

Do you regret having your cabbie wait for you?
We knew right away: "Ugh, we should've paid our cab." When you're racing, your brain is going a thousand miles an hour and it was just a slip-up. And it definitely would've made a difference if we had paid because we would've checked in right after Marcus and Amani or just before them. So you live and learn.

You guys arrived with the twins. Why didn't you work together?
You didn't see it, but at the top of the temple, we read the clue, and [Marie] and I started counting. When we had gotten down to the next level, I heard her skip a number. She went like, "10, 12, 13..." And I was like, "Oh my God! This girl just skipped 11!" [Laughs] So I ended up ditching her. She went one way and I went the other way. I was like, "She can't even count!" What really upsets me is that at one point, Tommy had come up to me and asked me what number I was on. But I was so focused on counting that I didn't think to stop and talk to him, so I kept going. That's one of my biggest regrets.

And he told Amani and Marcus the answer later.
I know! Marcus didn't tell me about that, but he knew the gist of it. I didn't know what floor you were supposed to be on because you actually only had to count the hand statues on one out of the seven levels. We were all counting the statues on every level. It was in the clue, but you still had to ask someone where the third gallery was.
Kaylani: They referred to the levels as galleries. That was frustrating last night, seeing that Marcus knew the answer and he forgot it! ... I was shocked seeing that because they could've been done.
Lisa: Yeah, I can't believe he forgot them. When I finally teamed up with him, he knew he had to count the different hand positions, but for the life of him — once he finished one [position] and started counting the next one — he could not remember how many were with which hand. So once I knew what I had to do and was on the right floor, we were done in, like, 15 minutes.

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He couldn't remember the numbers? Three of them were 17 and the other one was 18.
[Laughs] Um, well, Marcus always said that Amani was the brains of the team. And she was too tired to do it. He was like, "Normally, Amani would handle these types of challenges."

Why didn't you team up with the other group?
I didn't see them. I never saw Jeremy and I never saw Ernie when I was up there. I also didn't trust them, either. ... It seemed like they figured it out really fast once they got together, but they were on the wrong track like I was in the beginning. We were less than 20 minutes behind all of them. When I teamed up with Marcus, our first guess was off by one — we thought it was 17 for all of them. So we had to count them again and realized one of them was 18. So we could've totally beaten [the other teams].

Is the elimination any easier to swallow knowing that you could've been out in the first episode?
[Laughs] Yeah, I was so happy to have made it that far. When we were in L.A., I thought it was over. I just kept thinking how much it sucked and what a bummer, so just to make it out of the country, I was happy.

Could you believe it all unfolded like it did? And that Twitter saved you? Some fans think there was producer intervention and it was staged.
It all happened! It was just amazing how social media met up with something like that. I mean, for Ryan [Storms, who found the passport] to think about Twittering — it was actually genius. I would've never thought to go on Twitter to post that or to follow the Race from the Reality Fan Forum. He was very, very sweet about making sure he brought the passport to us. I've gotten to speak with him and thank him for all his help. Apparently he was just going to mail it to me the next day! [Laughs] [The fan who tweeted back to him] was on the phone with him and was like, "You don't understand! You have to drop this off at LAX!" That was the sweetest thing. You don't find too often, especially nowadays, people who are kind to each other.

What were you doing at the airport before he came?
We were running around with our heads cut off!
Lisa: Yeah. You didn't see it, but we were going online, putting a dollar into the computer, Googling "What to do when you lose your passport?" We went to customs and pretty much everything was like, "Nothing until Monday morning when the office opens."
Kaylani: We went back to the car and searched the entire car again. We did get a chance to go back to the gas station, which you saw, but that was within five minutes of leaving the gas station. At first, I was like, "It's gone." But we thought maybe one of the other teams found it and brought it to the airport because we saw other teams pull in there after us for directions. But no one had it at the airport.

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What are you up to now?
I've been taking the whole summer off and visiting places. I have one last class to finish for school, so in December I'll have my degree. And then I'm just hoping to ... move on to the next great adventure.
Kaylani: I am actually working on producing a couple of shows with my boyfriend, like travel shows. I'm spending a lot of time with my little girl. She had a hard time watching last night. She just burst into tears. I didn't realize it was going to affect her like that to see her cry. She was just like, "Mom! Why are you not on the Race?!" ... We're moving to L.A. right now so I can spend some time with my best friend Rachel [from Big Brother].

Too bad you guys couldn't both win your shows in the same year.
I know! We were both hoping that!