Katie and Rachel Katie and Rachel

Barring some great luck, beach volleyball partners Katie Seamon, 23, and Rachel Johnston, 24, knew their elimination was sealed on The Amazing Race after finishing second-to-last last week. "We spent a lot of time talking about it. If there's some way we can be equalized with everyone, we'll be fine," Rachel tells TVGuide.com. "But if we stay in [the Arctic Circle] area, we need someone to make a mistake and no one ever did." But the two admit they did make a mistake last week that set them back.

TVGuide.com: How far behind were you?
I think we were about 25 minutes behind — the same amount of time as we started behind. ... We didn't have the chance to [make up time]. None of the other teams made mistakes and neither did we, so it was kind of like, if nobody else messes up, there's no opportunity for us to catch up.

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