John Erck and Jessica Hoel John Erck and Jessica Hoel

The Amazing Race's Jessica and John made dubious show history on Sunday, becoming the first team to get eliminated without using the Express Pass despite having ample chances to use it to skip a challenge. Even more questionable? After their elimination, John declared that he had no regrets and that he didn't need the $1 million, generating a classic eyebrow-raising "oy vey" from Phil Keoghan. What did he really mean? And why were they hell-bent on not using the Express Pass? Find out below.

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Which he didn't let you do anyway.
Exactly! That was the first point that I was brought up to speed that we were last and the derby girls were actually ahead of us the whole time. That was the first time since we pulled the clue that Jess and I were together and had the opportunity to use the Express Pass. It just happened that we were in last place, so we couldn't use it because if we skip the challenge and check in in last place, that doesn't make any sense. That's when we started thinking, "Maybe a team has some sort of penalty that we're not aware of. If we just hope for the best and finish the challenge, we can still be in the Race and still have our Express Pass." I know they aired a sound clip of me saying, "I don't know why we should use the Express Pass" — that's because we were well aware that we were in last place and it didn't seem it would be smart. Don't use it if there was no upside to using it.

Can you explain your comments about not having regrets and not needing $1 million? Phil was totally dumbfounded by it.
[The "oy vey"] was funny. I intentionally used the word "need" because of the fact that it's such a powerful word. Jessica and I wanted to win the $1 million. That would've been great. ... But standing there, I was just making a comment that Jess and I don't need this money. We're not running the Race exclusively as a means to get rich. We're here to have fun and lead adventurous lives. It was important to me to note how much we appreciated being on the Race and going to all these cool places. The money would've been icing on the cake and no doubt we wanted it, but it wasn't super-important to us. That's why I said that.

What does it feel like to be the first team to get eliminated without using the Express Pass?
It's exciting! We go down in history! [Laughs] I hope when they give out Express Passes in the future, they slash our faces on them. Like a reminder: "This is meant to be used!" We can laugh about it now. We had no idea we were going to be last that day, but I guess that's our claim to fame now.

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