The Amazing Race: Family Edition
Finally the Linzes are in first place. I don't know what it is about the Linzes that makes me like them so much they are not spectacular racers. It took them this long to actually make it to the pit stop first and win a prize vacation to Jackson Hole, yet I'm rooting for them to win the million dollars. I'll give the

Bransens second place even though the dad says things like "slow down." Remember Gus and Hera from that previous race? They had this same dynamic and they didn't win! The Bransens are not a very exciting bunch but they deserve some credit for their efforts. Still, somehow they always fly under my radar. I see them clustered at the head of the pack and I can never remember just how they got there. I do, however, remember the Weavers and how the show faked me out this week. Teams raced around Utah, stopping along the way to take a helicopter ride, met a live bear named Bart, and rappeled 200 feet down a rock wall. The Linzes and the Godlewskis worked together to keep the Weavers in last place. Despondent and ready to go home, the Weavers were as surprised as I was to find that this was a nonelimination round. As Phil said, "That is the most unenthusiastic reaction to a nonelimination in the history of The Amazing Race." Cue the whining about their inability to make any friends. I do wish I could reach through the TV screen and whisper to them that no one is buying this "Don't hate us because we're Christians" excuse. With the way these editors have been working this "us against them" angle, I'm thinking that Team Florida will be taking that oversize check to the bank. So hear me now, Linzes: Prove me wrong and hold onto your lead.