Jet McCoy, Cord McCoy Jet McCoy, Cord McCoy

Jet and Cord McCoy's never-say-die attitude helped them make Amazing Race history earlier this season when they became the first team to jump from last to first with a Speed Bump. But the cowboys/brothers couldn't make one last comeback when it mattered most in the finale, falling to Dan and Jordan. "We thought we could catch up to them right up until we came out on the tunnel and saw them on the mat already," Jet, 30, tells "There was obviously disappointment that we were second, but you take the bad with the good. We had a great time and feel like we ran a great Race." See what else they say about the infamous cut-in-line, if they tried to move up to first class and why Cord, 29, had "a lot of fun" at the virtual reality task. Jet, was there really no way you could've moved past Jordan at the virtual reality task? And why did it take you so long to figure out you need to spin to read the message when Jordan had just done it?
Jet: Jordan was standing dead in front of me. Cord said that if I moved too far left or right, we had to start all over, so I didn't want to chance it and move too much that we had to restart. We would've lost more time then since we were behind.
Cord: There were two levels. It wasn't clear [on the show] we were at the first, and they had just finished the second level, so there was a little bit more time in between us than people saw. Even if Jordan wasn't in the way, we wouldn't have gotten the message yet. The spinning took a minute [to figure out]. I was more focused on directing Jet and making up time to pay attention to them. It was a bit confusing because [Dan and I were] shouting next to each other. I'll tell you what, it was a lot of fun yelling the fake directions to those guys. I was waiting for Jet [to get suited up] and just messed around!

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You know, I didn't know how much I did until I watched the show. I couldn't believe it. Fans would like to see you on All-Stars. Would you be up for it?
Probably so. The fans have been really sweet, and we love the support and talking to them.
Cord: Tell [CBS] they should have another All-Stars!