Chester and Ephraim Chester and Ephraim

Chester and Ephraim went from first place to a more dubious Amazing Race first on Sunday's episode: After a booking mistake by a ticket agent and a string of flight delays set them back nearly 24 hours, the former Houston Texans teammates became the first team to get eliminated in an airport before even having a chance to do the tasks. "It's not the thing we want to be first in!" Chester tells "We weren't looking for that trademark. It's never over 'til it's over, but we knew we were in a hole." Find out why the two, who can currently be seen on Texans Insider and Fox Sports Live, respectively, decided to roll the dice with a double connection and why they could've arrived even later in Portugal.

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You guys had a good sense of humor about it.
 You have to! We came to terms with it because the way things were happening, it was pretty much meant to be. You hate that you have to go through that, but for the most part and for whatever reason, the way things kept on unfolding, it was our time to leave the Race. After the third or fourth delay, you've got to laugh about it! Or you'd be miserable. This is a television show. It's a chance of a lifetime, but it's entertainment. You have to keep things in perspective. Who am I going to be made at? Chester? The travel agent lady? She made a mistake. We all make mistakes in life. You have to be able to overcome it or you'll just drive yourself crazy.

Do you regret taking the double connection? Do you think you should've at least convinced another team to get on same itinerary so you could keep one team in sight?
 No, because there were so many different flights, as you saw in the episode. People were getting in at random times. They were landing all through the episode, so if it were just us on that flight and everybody else together on another one, that would be more disconcerting to me because it would've been like, we took a chance that we didn't really have to take. But because there were so many flight options — there were nine teams and I think there were six different flight options — it wasn't like everyone was sticking in a pack. So what happened to us could've happened to someone else, but it didn't!
Chester: We never left the airport! [Laughs] We changed airports in four different countries, but we never left an airport. We had no idea what Portugal had to offer. All we saw was baggage claim.

When you landed, did you think you'd be able to run the leg knowing that you were almost a full day behind?
 We didn't know then how far we were behind because we knew a bunch of teams had different flights. During the Race, you always have to have that in mind — there's always a team behind you. Let's push through and then Phil [Keoghan] popped up behind the kiosk and it's like, "OK!"

You're the first team to be eliminated in an airport.
It's not the thing we want to be first in. We weren't looking for that trademark. It's never over 'til it's over, but we knew we were in a hole. You have no idea how long it was. It was out of control. We didn't sleep. It was crazy. 
Ephraim: We talked and were like, "Whatever the challenges happen to be, we're going to go out there and fight. Nothing's going to change." That was one thing we focused on after the frustration of airport to airport to airport. Freaking Chile to Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo to London. Some people talk about a whole day like an eight-hour day. No, no, no, we lost almost 24 hours, the moon up, the moon down.
Chester: We would've been later if we hadn't caught a delayed flight in one of the countries.

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