Chad and Stephanie Chad and Stephanie

Chad Waltrip, 26, and Stephanie Smith, 23, say they're living the "amazing life" after The Amazing Race. After getting engaged on the race, the two got married this weekend and are expecting their first child. "Things are going great," Stephanie tells "We're so excited. We didn't win, but we're still happy with how we did and life is definitely moving on!" Find out their other plans, why they decided to take an ill-timed ice cream break at the airport and more. Why did you decide to get ice cream instead of angling for better plane tickets? Did you really want a Blizzard?
[Laughs] I just saw how stressed everyone was and I didn't think there was going to be a shot at [earlier flights]. Everybody was on the same plane at that point and we were going to a real remote location. Hey, let's go get some Dairy Queen! But ultimately that was one of the things that cost us in the end. ... I would say I [regret it] now.

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