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A split-second decision made the difference between first and second place for Caroline and Jennifer on The Amazing Race All-Stars finale. Despite seeing Dave and Connor's cab pull up behind them en route to the final clue box, the country singers let the duo pass them, giving them a marginal lead they wouldn't relinquish. "They got there four seconds ahead of us," Caroline tells "It drives me crazy thinking about it." So why didn't they tell their cabbie to drive faster? Find out below. Plus: See what they have to say about their passive racing style.

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You mentioned this on the show, but you now hold the record for running the most legs without winning one. How does that feel? 
Yup, for sure, we hold it. [Laughs]
Jennifer: It's not exactly the title we want to win. At least we won something. We ran the most legs and never won one!

What are you up to now?
 Jen and I are hosting this big event in Nashville called Nashville Dancing, which is going on the whole summer. It's like a festival that happens every Thursday night. And then we're going to the studio and recording a little more music. We might have something for you to listen to soon.

Will you do duets with other racers?
 Yes, definitely duets!

What happened to "Hockey Heartbreakers"?
 [Laughs] Oh, my gosh! That's so funny! We're not done yet.
Jennifer: We actually talked to Bates the other day. They are still our hockey heartbreakers!

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