Brittany and Caitlin

For once, there was no editing trickery at work for The Amazing Race's tight finish Sunday. After getting lost while Gary and Will, who were U-Turned, performed both Detours, Caitlin and Brittany appeared to be headed for safety when they finally got to the clue first. But they wound up behind Gary and Will, and when they passed them on the road, their pedicabs went in two different directions at an intersection. "After we forked and went left, we knew we went the wrong way. We were like, 'This is not good,'" Caitlin tells "First of all, it took [our cabbie] forever to turn around. A miracle would've had to happen for us to get in front of them at that point." So how did they get so lost? What part of their pedicab drama wasn't shown? Find out below.

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That was a crazy finish. What was it like watching it?
It was frustrating, of course. What they showed was a little different than what actually went on. America just saw one side of us and I think they didn't really see the type of girls we are at all. It was definitely heartbreaking. When you're tough competitors and you hate losing, you never want to see yourself go home before a team that you think you're better than.
Caitlin: Yeah, it was hard. ... We didn't know how everything was going to be edited, but that's the chance you take signing up for something like this. We definitely don't regret it. We loved doing it even though you didn't get to see our whole personalities. It is what it is.

What wasn't shown?
We actually left the lion's head Detour first and our cab driver had taken us to the Pit Stop by accident. He took us on a different route and we didn't pass the U-Turn mat, so we showed up at the Pit Stop and we think that's where the U-Turn is. But we see Phil and we're like, "Oh my gosh! Go back!" That's when you saw us go to that field where [Gary and Will] were doing [the egg Detour]. If our guy had actually taken us the correct route, we would've checked in sixth that day. But [we wound up] being neck-and-neck with Gary and Will. It was close, but our driver actually messed up and had taken us to the Pit Stop, like, 30 minutes prior. That's the frustrating thing.
Caitlin: Yeah, and altogether we lost a lot of time. We didn't keep track, but obviously [it was] a lot. We probably spent about 15 minutes in the park [while Gary and Will were doing the egg Detour]. We saw them.

How did he know to take you there? Did he drop someone else off before you guys?
Yeah, I think he might have. Maybe someone from the first train.
Brittany: Maybe he thought he was doing us a favor taking us there? [Laughs] I don't know. On the clue, it said to head to the Parliament and to stop at that cross street. The cross street was where the U-Turn was, so if our guy had gone that way, we wouldn't have gone straight to the Pit Stop first.

Did you change cabs more than just the one time that was shown?
No. It was just that one time. At that point, too much time had passed and we were just like, "We're going to have to go with it." It's one of those choices you have to make.
Brittany: When we were leaving the Pit Stop the first time, we got back into the same cab because we thought he could bring us back to the Detour where we started. Instead, he got us lost and we had to get into another one.

Before you changed pedicabs, there was a shot of you guys right in front of the U-Turn box, but you didn't see it. (Watch it here at 34:40.)
I'm not sure what you're referring to, but that could be when we headed back after going to the Pit Stop. We did eventually see the U-Turn mat, but he had taken us past it, so we told him to stop. That's when we switched drivers, ran to the U-Turn and got back to our original driver. We figured since he had taken us to the Pit Stop, he'd know where he was going.

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But you ended up behind Gary and Will.
Exactly! [Laughs] That's what we still don't understand.
Brittany: Right. He had just taken us there, so how do you get lost? All of the sudden, we ended up right behind Will and Gary, and it's like, "How the hell are they even ahead of us?"

You wanted to pass them and you did, but did you ever consider following them and trying to beat them in a footrace to the Pit Stop?
Where we got dropped off, we were probably 20 meters from the Pit Stop. It really didn't matter. We needed to get to get in front of them in our pedicab. We would've had them in a footrace, but it wasn't a far enough distance to let ourselves stay behind them. And you don't know if they would go faster and we would get left behind somehow. We couldn't take that chance.
Brittany: They made it seem on TV that it was 100 yards away; it wasn't.
Caitlin: And you have to run with your backpacks, and our backpacks were really heavy.

So you knew you went the wrong way when you went left at the intersection?
Yeah. I think that was the hardest part and why we were so frustrated. We weren't being disrespectful by any means. I want people to know that. There was so much that went on. We had been calm and hadn't been frustrated on the Race up until then, but when they had cost us so much time and we were fighting for last place, and it was because of their error, it's hard to sit there and twiddle my thumbs and not get upset. The reason we got upset is because we're competitive and we didn't like losing and we knew we were a better team. I think America saw us as aggressive and rude, but we're not. That moment just brought out the worst in us and that's just the part they showed.

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How do you feel about Gary and Will being safe for the second straight leg because another team had bad cabbie luck?
[Laughs] I kind of just laugh about it. It's just one of those things. You don't know what's going to happen in the Race.

What are you up to now?
I just moved to Atlanta about a month ago, so I'm settling in a new town and it's been exciting and fun starting a new chapter in my life and watching the Race. ... From here on out, I'm still obviously going to tune in and cheer for everybody. We're friends with these people and will be for a long time. It's just cool to see your friends competing.
Brittany: I'm still in Chicago. I just took a job at a new company doing pharmaceutical sales. I've moved to a new place, so I've been busy with that and just watching the Race.

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