Claire and Brook Claire and Brook

Home-shopping hosts Brook Roberts, 27, and Claire Champlin, 30, may have missed out on becoming The Amazing Race's first all-female champs — but don't think they're disappointed. "We're proud we helped make history. We're so happy for [Nat and Kat]  because from Day One, we talked to them and said, 'We're going to be on that podium, so let's help each other out,'" Claire tells "To be standing next to them in second place was a huge accomplishment for us." So how close were they to first? Find out below — and if Claire has eaten watermelon since her face-smashing Roadblock.

Amazing Race's Nat and Kat: Winning feels "pretty surreal" How close to Nat and Kat were you?
Oh, so close you could taste it! We were like 15 minutes off.
Claire: We had no idea if we were in first or third and you're like that through the whole race. You always have to act like you're in last. After we finished the game-show challenge, we said, "Oh my gosh! We might have a chance at this! This is crazy!" From what we saw, you didn't hit much traffic heading to the finish.
Nope, not at all. That's what's so frustrating. We made it late to the float, but after the float, we went so fast through everything. We were just cruising! So it was like, "Man, if only we had gotten to the float quicker." What happened en route to the float?
We had trouble getting off the pier. We had complications with safety and getting [harnesses] off, so that took up a lot of time and we fell a little behind. Did you lose any time trying to find a hotel?
No, that was actually really, really quick. It was Brook's idea to hit the closest hotel because we know every hotel has Internet access. We know you can never rely on a taxicab driver. We got to the hotel. It was so quick and we were on our merry way.
Brook: And we flew through the memory task! That was like the easiest thing on the entire race! It was like, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. That was truly what was so frustrating because we were so fast on all that stuff.

Amazing Race's Nick and Vicki: We regret taking the six-hour penalty Claire, you went through a lot — the watermelon, rappelling, throwing up sushi. Which was the worst?
The watermelon was hands-down the worst. Ugh. It was horrific. I feel so lucky now watching the clip over and over again. It was just a freak accident. [Laughs] My whole face went numb. I had a shiner under my right eye and a little fat lip. We didn't know what to do because it was the first leg. The medical team came in and then they left, and the camera crew came back in, so we didn't know if we were cleared to keep racing. I thought Brook might be able to stand in for me, but unfortunately no. Then we saw all the other teams come and I was like, "OK, well, my legs still work, so let's go." I just held onto my face to make sure it was still there. ... The funny thing is I'm pregnant now and that's what I crave, like all the time. I have watermelon in my refrigerator and I'm like, "Really?" So ironic. What was the final kiss count?
Brook: We lost count. We think it was around 11 to 13. Who was the last person we kissed? I think it was Bob! It was the perfect final kiss.
Claire: Or Phil. It could've been Phil on the mat.
Brook: Phil doesn't count! We kissed him every leg! I don't think any contestants have literally jumped on him like we did. He's like, "What?"

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