Brendon, Rachel Brendon, Rachel

Brendon and Rachel came up short on The Amazing Race All-Stars finale, coming in third again thanks to a bad cab driver. Not only that, but they had to watch their nemeses/U-Turn targets Dave and Connor win. "They earned that, but it was tough because we were so close and we couldn't race the leg we wanted to race," Rachel tells "We were out of it once we got into that cab, but the episode was still exciting to watch. It was cool to see how close it was between [Dave and Connor, and Caroline and Jennifer]." But how far behind were they? Find out below, and get the Big Brother duo's take on the U-Turn drama, their baby plans and more.

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Amazing Race's Caroline and Jennifer: Skydiving task was "really frustrating"

You had to have been scared as hell about getting U-Turned then.
 We were totally, 100 percent expecting to be U-Turned. We were so worried because we couldn't U-Turn anyone, so if the Afghanimals didn't decide to U-Turn the cowboys instead, who knows. The way that leg unfolded was crazy.

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